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Hello, I am Doug Witte, lead salesman at Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning.

Grew up in and lived in St. Louis my entire life and plan on staying here (raised in same house in Fenton/went to Eureka high school). Graduated from Missouri State University and worked in Radio, Newspaper before running my own direct mail marketing company serving the entire St. Louis area. In working with many home service-oriented businesses… I decided to join them 6 years ago in selling HVAC. Visiting and providing people comfort solutions for their family has been a complete joy to me. I am always impressed with our service team, management, and our vendor's efforts to help our installers execute the best-budgeted plan for our valued customers. Married my high school girlfriend, have 2 kids just out of high school(Ren studying to be Fireman/Elsen studying to be teacher and coach), 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 14 chickens. I live in Eureka. My goals are to grow the residential business and our team while continuing to work with commercial accounts and custom home builders.