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Boiler heaters are a crucial component of heating our homes. All winter long, as you are protected from the chill St. Louis winds, remember it is your boiler that is doing the hard work of keeping you warm and safe. Unfortunately, boilers can work so hard and so faithfully that they begin to run down over time, at which point it is time to replace them. When it comes to boiler repair and installation in St. Louis, look no further than Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning; we are ready to supply your every boiler service need.

Our company is dedicated to maintaining and repairing all types of steam and water boilers all over St Louis, and as the oldest and most sought after company in this area of Missouri, we have been the primary experts for every single replacement and repair for more than 55 years now. Our dedication to our customers is so strong that we will also help anyone who happens to still use traditional oil-fired heaters.

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Signs You Need Boiler Installation or Replacement

A boiler can stop working at a moment’s notice, leaving you feeling trapped and panicking as the indoor temperature of your home suddenly drops to the chilly temperature outside. Fortunately, however, some key warning signals will allow you to contact us in advance.

If you are worried that your boiler may need to be replaced, look for the following signs, including:

  • Your boiler’s age: Older boilers are much less fuel-efficient, meaning they have to work three to four times as hard as new boilers. If you notice that you are requiring several repairs for your boiler, it is probably time to get a replacement, which will ultimately save a lot more than many individual repairs.
  • Water leakage or collection around the boiler: Seeping or leaking water is never a good sign. If you notice the ground is constantly damp around the boiler, it is time to get it checked out before it springs a larger hole.
  • Persistent, odd noises: If you are noticing some creaking, groaning, hissing, or clanking sounds, there could be a part loose in your boiler system, or liquid escaping through a leak. Never ignore these sounds, which often warn that a future, more significant problem will occur if you do not take care of it.

When Do You Need Boiler Repair?

The last thing you want to happen on a cold winter's night is your source of heat to go out due to an overlooked repair. But, how do you know when you need to repair your boiler? Below are a few signs to look for to make sure your boiler doesn't completely fail.

  • Strange Noises -
    If you notice any odd or strange noises coming from your boiler, don't wait to find out and address the problem. Clunking, whirring or banging noises are an indicator that it could be your pump or fan has worn down and needs repairs.
  • Bad Odors -
    When you smell something bad coming from your boiler, it could be that your boiler has a carbon monoxide leak. This can be very harmful to your health as well as your households. Make sure to leave your home if you notice that smell and call us immediately for assistance.
  • Leaks -
    Boiler leaks may seem to be a normal thing, but if left unchecked those leaks can quickly spread to your home's walls and floors and cause extensive water damage. Contact us today for expert boiler repair in St. Louis.

Pricing That You Can Afford

Investing in a new boiler can cost a significant amount, so we have determined to aid our clients in saving as much of their hard-earned income as possible. By closely developing relationships with multiple brands and manufacturers, we can offer the lowest possible prices for models and installment plans. You do not even have to take our word for it but can get estimates from our competitors to see just how our prices are the most affordable in value, whether we are installing hot water boilers or steam boilers.

Same-Day Emergency Boiler Repair in St. Louis

No matter your situation, we are excited to help our customers with every boiler service in St. Louis, even on same-day and emergency service calls for all installations or repairs. We have absolute quality workmanship, proven by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us now at (636) 205-1631 so that our trained technicians at Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning can solve your every boiler need.

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    Our family has been serving the area since 1964. We care about the community and the people in it! We're proud of the reliable & honest relationship we've built for generations.

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