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Why Seasonal Heating Maintenance is Important

It Might Be Time To Get Your Heater Inspected

Winter is slowly creeping up, and you might have already turned on your heater recently to get cozy as the temperature cools down. While it can be easy to have your heating system fade into the background, regular seasonal maintenance is essential to avoid having heating issues when it gets icy outside. We know maintenance can feel like eating your vegetables and being annoying to keep up with, but here are a few reasons why regular maintenance will save you from more significant headaches.

Save Money Energy Bills

Unless you are swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, nobody wants to pay more money than they need to when it comes to heating their home. Regular maintenance of your heating system can help you save on your energy bills. Over time your heating systems parts can wear down. At first, you may notice that your home is heated unevenly or takes longer than to heat certain parts of your home. Well, your home is still heated, so there’s no issue, right? While this may not seem like anything more than a minor annoyance, the actual headache is revealed in your energy bills. Heating systems that are worn down are not as energy-efficient and are going to drain your wallet.

Save Money on Repairs And Put Off Costly Replacements

Not only can seasonal maintenance save you money by making sure your heating system is energy efficient, but you save money on repairs. The longer you put off maintenance, the more likely you will run into issues with your heater and have to schedule a repair frequently. While we at Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning are more than happy to help, we also want you not to be repairing something more than it needs to be. If you call our professionals at (636) 205-1631 we can make sure your heating system is working and make sure each seasonal repair extends the life of your heating system. The longer your heating system works, the less often you need to schedule repairs or even spend money replacing the entire system.

Being Able To Breathe Better

While saving money is good for your heart health, a regularly maintained heating system is also suitable for your respiratory health and improves the indoor air quality. Air filters can get dirty, and the longer they go without cleaning or replacement, the more harmful particles you’re exposed to in your home. Dirty air filters can lead to mold growth, build-up of bacteria, hairs, lead dust, and an abundance of allergens that can harm your health. For individuals with predisposed respiratory conditions, such as asthma, this can aggravate symptoms and even cause severe illnesses. For individuals who may not have any existing conditions, prolonged exposure to poor air quality can lead to respiratory issues. If there’s mold build-up, you can have cold symptoms year-round, and depending on the mold you are exposed to, this can be fatal. A cleaner filter also means a more energy-efficient heating system.

Staying Safe From Dangerous Equipment Failure

When properly maintained, your heating system will fade into the background, but heating systems that are not maintained can also pose the danger of carbon monoxide leaks. Sometimes that old furnace will need to be inspected more often because you can run the risk of carbon monoxide leaking from the exhaust pipes without proper maintenance. Carbon monoxide is no joke, and you should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home because it is undetectable to us otherwise.

Whether it’s been a while since your HVAC system has been inspected or you have questions, the licensed and NATE-Certified technicians of Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. Call us at (636) 205-1631 and we will happily solve all your HVAC problems!