Picture of Ductless AC

Ductless Cooling Benefits

If any of the following statements apply to you, you will benefit from installing ductless cooling:

“I am constantly fighting with my significant other about the temperature inside.”

“Our new addition to our home has no air conditioning.”

“One room in my house does not get adequate cooling.”

“My antique home has no existing ductwork but we need air conditioning.”

“My window unit air conditioner is not cutting it anymore.”

“We have really uneven cooling throughout our space.”

If you are combating your indoor climate, ductless cooling can help you resolve your air conditioning woes. We here at Martin-Jetco Heating & Air Conditioning are here to aid you in your efforts to restore effective control over your indoor climate. Regardless of which statement above resonated with you, installing a ductless mini-split in your home is the solution to reestablishing comfort and temperature control in your space.

What Is A Ductless Mini-Split?

An effective alternative to the traditional central cooling system, a ductless mini-split achieves equal if not better operation and function as central cooling. These mini-split systems do not require any ductwork to distribute temperature-controlled air, making the installation process significantly less invasive and less expensive right off the bat.

Rather than undergoing demolition, ductless mini-splits simply require a 3-inch hole to be drilled through an exterior wall to allow the delivery unit to connect to the outdoor compressor unit. Your delivery system will be installed as a hanging unit on your wall. You can have multiple indoor delivery units connected to your outdoor compressor as well!

With this system, you will be able to connect your delivery systems for uniform cooling or you will be able to use them independently for segmented temperature control, as each wall-unit has its own thermostat. This allows for customized and versatile control.

Ductless Mini-Split Benefits

Apart from the previously mentioned streamlined, and minimally invasive, installation process, which not only protects the integrity of your home design (especially if you live in a historic or antique home) but also cuts construction costs, there are numerous advantages to going the ductless cooling route when it comes to meeting your home air conditioning needs.

They Are Safer Than Other Central Cooling Alternatives

Window units not only have subpar performance, but they also can compromise your home security. Due to their window placement, your property is left more susceptible to break-ins.

Portable units also have their safety implications, albeit in a different manner. Portable units can compromise your indoor air quality as they are maintenance nightmares and require regular cleaning of their exhaust hose, air filters, and water pan, all of which can easily grow mold, malfunction, or leak. These systems do more harm than good.

They Are More Energy-Efficient Than Traditional Systems

Central cooling systems experience an immense amount of energy waste, as ductwork naturally undergoes heat loss and energy loss. Duct losses have accounted for over 30% of energy consumption in homes that are well-insulated. This number increases in homes with inadequate insulation or unfinished rooms such as attics, basements, and garages.

They Are Completely Customizable

Want to keep your new work-from-home office cooler than the rest of your home? A ductless mini-split can be installed in your office space, in addition to your central cooling, to counteract the increase in temperature caused by your work technology. The flexibility these units provide is truly unparalleled.

For your ductless air conditioning system installation, contact Martin-Jetco Heating and Air Conditioning at (636) 205-1631. Don’t wait to take back control of your space and turn your home into the comfortable oasis you deserve. We are continuing to practice CDC recommended protocols to ensure the safety and health of both our clients and our tech