Fenton, MO/January 29, 2018 (MartinJetco) – Temperature Setting: When your home is feeling too warm or too cool, you probably use the thermostat to address the problem. With just the press of a button, the thermostat can send warm or cold air circulating through your home. Your thermostat allows you to communicate with your heating and air conditioning system efficiently.

As an important systems within your home, understanding how it controls your home’s temperature is vital to saving money.

Most homes today have an electronic thermostat. Older houses may still have electromechanical systems. Both of these thermostats work a bit differently.

Electronic thermostats function similarly to a small computer. They use sensors to determine whether or not your home is at the right temperature. They also have programmable settings and wifi capabilities allowing you to adjust the temperature of your home while you are away.

Regardless of the kind of thermostat you have, if there are too many changes in temperature your system will be overworked. If you’re constantly turning your thermostat up and down, you will not be saving money.


Here are a few thermostat tips to help you save energy year round.

  1. Use programmable features so that your house temperature changes throughout the day.
  2. You will want the difference between the outside and inside temperature to be small. The bigger the difference between the two temperatures, the harder the system is going to need to work. This in the long run will cause you to spend more money on electricity.
  3. Maintain the upkeep of the HVAC system. This will ensure that it is always working properly. Before major weather seasons, you do a check up to make sure your system works properly and doesn’t need any repairs. You should check the system at least twice a year.

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