Scientists Discover a new Method to Extract hydrogen fuel from Sunlight. Sun is a big ball of energy that has more energy then we can even estimate. Scientists have many trying to utilize this super energy source for the purpose of getting carbon dioxide free energy on earth since decades.With the advancement in the field of science, scientists have told us that sun can produce a one year energy consumption of human being in just one hour. So, if this energy is used in a proper way, the future of mankind can be transformed altogether.

An Indian origin scientist- Govinder Singh Pawar, working at the University of Exeter has discovered a new hope for the mankind in this field. He, along with his team, has deviced a new method to breakdown water into its basic constituents: oxygen and hydrogen. In this way, hydrogen can be produced with the help of day light which can be used as a fuel, says a report. The report from the Journal Scientific Reports also provides a new prediction of upcoming hydrogen fuel era. The era is expected to be completely free from hazardous the carbon emissions for energy production.  Hydrogen can easily replace the fossil fuels and its danger free because its only by-product is water.

The team is reported to use Lanthanumiron oxide to produce a semiconducting material to get hydrogen on the industry level. As, this type of hydrogen shall be obtained by water and sunlight,there are absolutely no side-effects. Furthemor this energy production would be cheap because of its simplest ingredients. The  result would be a fully clean hydrogen generation, taking its breathe in pure air.

According to a report, the researches claim the following words:

“To the best of our knowledge, we report for the first time the nano-structured LaFeo3 photo-electrode-for spontaneous hydrogen evolution from water without any external applied bias. Moreover our material has excellent stability, where, after 21 hour of testing, it does not degrade, ideal for water splitting purpose.”

The university management says that Pawar with his colleagues, is likely to produce a limitless clean source of energy in the near future to astonish the world. Now, only time will reveal  if all this high expectation scenario is-elusive or real. But there are high hopes for this advancement in the field of science to save the mankind from carbon dioxide inhalation. Martin-Jetco