A new robot to bring Martian rocks and minerals for research

A new robot to bring Martian rocks and minerals for research

US research laboratories have planned to launch the latest robot rovers to bring unique minerals and rocks to the earth from red planet Mars. Testing Mars for any clue of life is the new research subject for the modern researchers. Even NASA has confirmed some minerals on Mars that indicate the presence of being on the red planet. So, to go deeper into the research scenario, the researchers require some essential components of the planet to verify the statement that the planets can sustain life. Forgetting the minerals, it is not safe for the astronauts to be sent on a spacecraft to bring the crystals. Researchers are still not sure about the environmental criteria on Mars and carrying a human life on the planet would be risky. Rather than humans, robot rovers seem to be a better option to fetch the great rocks and minerals.

What’s the plan?

NASA has planned to send such a robot rover in 2020. The robot rover will search and drill for the wanted minerals and transfer them to large canisters to bring them to earth. The canisters will remain on Mars until 2026 when European rockets are launched to collect the canisters from Mars and transport them to rockets. Then, in about 150 days, the space orbiters from Europe will do the work to take the canisters to earth. The canisters will eventually land on earth with the help of a descent capsule.

The plan is still under development and being thought over by the technologists and researchers to make it fit for implementation in future. The schedule described is not yet confirmed, and it may take more than the estimated time for proper form. The researchers are estimating its pros and cons along with the expense of the project. Once everything is decided, the plan will be acted upon very soon.

The director of human and robotic exploration at ESA, David Parker, is very excited to get the work done and is busy with his team to manage the whole thing. According to him, it has been a dream in planetary science for many years to bring Martian things to the earth for research. It should be accomplished very soon. He says that it would take approx. 50 years to explore samples brought from the Mars as it took for the samples brought from the moon.

Parker said: “Science is really fantastic.”

Now we have to wait and watch what this ‘fantastic’ science can bring into the human world to leave them amazed once more.

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