Meaning of waterproof for gadgets

waterproof gadgets

Being water-proof is a plus point for a gadget because there is always a danger of a water accident with electronic gadgets. The fine wires and important data can be severely damaged if you accidentally drop your device in a water tub while taking a shower. Under such assumptions, you can save your gadget if it can bear water touch.

But still, the extent to which your device can resist water enmity depend upon the quality and type of your device. Water-proof does not mean full water resistance for all the gadgets alike. Some gadgets have lower waterproofing capability than other ones. The waterproofing capability is dependent on IP value of a gadget. The more this IP value is, the more life a device can get under water.

What is IP value of a gadget?

The IP of a gadget is its ingress protection value that is built in shock resistance of a device. It is a scale consisting of two numbers that determine a device strength against any external or internal damage.

The first number indicates the solid resistant capability of an electronic gadget. It ranges from 1-6. A value indicating number 6 means that your gadget is full resistance to dust and shock. It has a special coating that blocks the dust outside your device. While a vale showing number 1 as the first digit implies that the device has the weakest shock resistance capacity.

On the other hand, the second number measures the waterproof ability. It also works on the same scale but remembers that tight range may vary for different type of water exposures. The capacity is different for water splashes, and it is even different for deep water submergence. So whenever you read the waterproofing range on a gadget, it does not mean that you can throw your device in a tub of water to wait for the whole day while testing its waterproofing capacity.

IP of the latest gadgets

A gadget with IPX7 and IPX8 means that they can resist water for a maximum of 30 minutes when completely submerged in deep water. The alphabet X denotes the variable capacity against the solid particles. The advertisers usually do not tell the IP value particularly, and only a label is attached with the gadget that says waterproof.

So while purchasing an expensive waterproof gadget, understand its IP value for better results. Otherwise, you may face disappointment when you accidentally drop your precious gadget with all the significant data files in a tube of water or a pot of milk. Be informed of the latest technology before you rely your money and work on them.

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