Know about Germicidal UV light

Germicidal UV light

With all the doors and windows shut due to air conditioners on hot summer days, the same air keeps circulating in the room, not allowing the fresh air to enter. Due to the lack of fresh air, germs and microbial organisms may grow to affect the air quality adversely. To overcome this situation germicidal UV light is used. But before installing an ultraviolet germicidal light in your HVAC system, you should know about its purpose and function to avail all the good it can provide.

Here is a guideline about the germicidal UV light for you with answers to frequently asked questions:

What is UV light?

Ultraviolet light is not just the harmful light emitted by the sun that causes sunburns and ozone layer depletion. It has other functions too that are useful in many ways. Its spectrum is not of one type only rather; it has three categories:

UV-A:  This UV light is the upper part of the spectrum which is known as black light.  It has greater wavelength is higher than the other types of UV spectrum.

UV-B: UV-B is the light that is associated with skin irritations and sunburns. It has the wavelength that lies in the middle of the spectrum. This UV is harmful to skin and health.

UV-C: This light is the germicidal light that is used to kill microorganism in the air to improve the quality of light.

Introduction of germicidal UV light

The shortest wave in the spectrum is used for the germicidal purpose. Its short wavelength restricts the growth of germs and bacteria in the air by targeting their DNA and nuclei. UV-C does not have health hazards and is not dangerous for human skin. Thus, it can easily be used for beneficial purposes.

Advantages of UV Germicidal light

UV-C germicidal light enhances the efficiency of your HVAC system by keeping the coils and ducts free from dust and microbial attacks. It keeps the quality of air in your home more healthy and comfortable to breathe. Moreover, it is an artificial free light that protects you and your loved ones free from chemical hazards. With it, you can get clean air without any chemicals or drawbacks.

Purpose of installing a germicidal UV light

After getting the germicidal UV light in your HVAC system, you will observe noticeable changes in your whole HVAC system. Your HVAC system will not remain an ordinary machine to maintain the temperature according to your choice. It will become your health care administrator by controlling air quality and temperature at the same time.

Servicing and maintenance   

It does not need any extra servicing or maintenance but requires care to function. For the proper functioning and working of our germicidal UV lamp, your lamp needs cleaning and maintenance at least after a year. Dust particles may gather to restrict its adequate operation.

For the installation of this germicidal UV light or HVAC maintenance call your trusted contractor Martin Jetco without any delay. We are here to provide help with perfection.