How to Maintain Your Humidifier

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Fenton, MO/October 23, 2017 ( – Many times adding a humidifier to your home can help you and your family breathe better. However, like any home appliance humidifiers require maintenance. It is important to first check the machine to know whether it needs general cleaning before you think to replace it. Here are some good tips:

Humidifiers contain a reservoir of water that can easily contain growth. This type of bacteria can be harmful to your family if left to grow. Before you perform any maintenance on the machine, make sure you first unplug and separate the base from the tank. On a daily basis, the tank should be replenished with fresh cold water. This is for optimal performance. In addition, the humidifier should be cleaned out every two weeks. If you notice any mineral buildup, you want to soak it in vinegar for 30 minutes first.

Humidifiers are said to be the most effective way for keeping a home comfortable. Manufacturers recommend that you replace your humidifier water panel at least once a season or 3-4 times a year. These panels trap the dust and other particles which can create clogs.

Sometimes scale and mineral deposits get caught in the honeycombed like mesh. When the airflow is restricted, this can change the air quality.

To extend the life of your humidifier make sure you are following the manufacturer’s requirements to run the humidifier properly. Most manufacturers insist on using distilled or purified water. You can also use a water demineralization filter or cartridge if your model takes one. You should never use tap water. The minerals deposits come from the tap water which can promote unhealthy bacterial growth in the humidifier. This growth is then circulated in your air as you run the humidifier. If you are unsure about how to do any of this, make sure to ask a certified professional for help.


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