Fenton, MO/December 8, 2017 (MartinJetco) –  Debunk the furnace myths:  As winter gets underway, the cold temperatures are inevitable. Many homeowners will be searching for ways to reduce their utility bill. There are many myths that people follow. Let’s debunk these myths that will not help much with your electricity usage this winter.

  1. Most model-homes have what is called forced-air heating systems. This allows a balanced pressure that distributes heat throughout the house.  When the vents are closed, it makes your heating system work harder. So open up the vents; they are not helping you one bit.
  2. Adjusting the thermostat before leaving the home will keep your bill high. Many older systems do not allow you to control the temperature away from home. If you keep your home warmer while you are away, your bill will be higher. There is no way to keep your bill down if your heater is running all day long. You will just have to suffer the cold chill when you arrive home.
  3. Heating systems don’t have a rush function. It distributes heat at the same pace. So even if you turn the heat all the way up to 89 degrees, it will not help it heat up faster. It will just be on until it achieves 89 degrees. You are better off just setting it at a temperature that works for your area. Many companies now offer a smart thermostat where you can control the temperature of your air conditioning and heating system through your smartphone. This will allow you to reduce your utility bill significantly.

It can be very troubling to keep your home warm all winter without the bill being sky high. If you feel your home is not retaining the warm air, you may need to seal your windows. A simple air leak check can save you money in the long run.


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