Exoskeleton: Latest energy booster for humans in the modern world


The concept of a superhero has been fascinating among the human race since ages. This fascination inspired millions of artists and film directors to display the strength and incredible powers on television of a variety of heroes. That’s because man always tries to be above average and wants to do everything without any limit. But the standard capacity of a man has a certain limit, and he cannot go beyond that limit and is bound to remain in that limit. For instance, a man cannot work all day and night without any rest. He needs to sleep after some work to restart work again. This fact limits his range. Now in the modern world of science and development, man aspires to break this limit with the help of scientific instruments in his hands. The exoskeleton is a new aspiration towards going beyond the limits with the special assistance of science and technology

What is the exoskeleton?

An exoskeleton is a new invention aimed to boost up the energy limits of the human being from ordinary to above usual. It is, in fact, an external frame that you can wear to prolong hours of work and play. Due to its ethical questions, it is still in the developing arena and not out on the market yet.

How does it work?

An exoskeleton is an advanced external suit full of electric motors and machines that gets itself connected to the nervous system and boost the working of cells in the brain. Due to the triggered functioning of the brain cells, man can work faster as compared to the normal human being just like some superhero as seen in a television show. Waiters and labors can use it to work non-stop without losing their energy levels for a longer time. It is designed for the further convenience of man in the present age where he can do the impossible by a single click.


Tylor Clites, a PhD. student is most aspiring and interested in this technology because his arthritis does not allow his fingers to play his favorite instrument, piano. In an interview, he told about his desire to become a world-class piano player by overcoming his disease. Exoskeleton appears to be a clear way towards the achievement of his goal, and that is why he is always doing research on the project. He claims that he cannot compromise with his limits and has to go beyond the limits by snatching his dream from the human limitation.

Mr. Clites and his team are currently using the neuro-embodied technique to extend the human nervous system into a new synthetic world.

For this purpose, he is researching in a laboratory with a treadmill to measure the amount of energy used by humans by running and walking. With the help of the results of the treadmill, they are calculating the amount of energy which will be used to trigger the neuron above their normal limit.

Science is now becoming a magical arena. There is no idea exactly where will it go for the satisfaction of the human mind. An exoskeleton is one such invention that has a lot of ethical questions along with its bucket full of advantages. Because it can be misused and can be employed for evil proceedings, it’s designing, and formation is still an internal discussion. It is still being decided if it is the right thing to do or not?

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