Daimler decides to launch driver-less cars in spite of reservations

driver-less cars

Driver-less cars are a risk leading to a fatal accident on the road last year under the supervision of Uber. But, in spite of the possible impending threat, the owner of Mercedes Benz, Daimler prefers to remain in this race of driver-less technology. Daimler along with the car supplier Bosch, claims to launch a limited range of driver-less cars near the end of 2019.

Bosch and Daimler have been trying to make the things work out since 2017. They have been working in collaboration to take the technology of automatic, self-dependent cars into the new reality. They both are confident they will achieve tremendous success for their upcoming project.

Daimler and Bosch seem to be quite determined to be among their competitors in the market, the topmost of which are Waymo and General Motors. Earlier in the year 2017, Waymo launched a fleet of driver-less vans. Daimler also tried to collaborate with Uber last year in the project, and the product was launched under the supervision of Uber. Uber started its driver-less taxis in Arizona last year, but the project in Arizona was ended by Uber itself after a fatal causality on the roads of Arizona last year.

Now, once again with a new spirit, Daimler wants to give the project one more try but this time with the utmost care and precautions. Daimler has already taken the necessary precautions to carry out with his plan. He says that limited stock of cars without human driver shall be in the markets of California and other cities to give them a brief test.

While these autonomous cars will be monitored by the human-operated computers, they will run on the exclusive tracks, specially designed for the driver-less cars. First test drives would be done, and then they will be accessible to the people. A human mind shall adequately monitor their performance. Technology to be used shall come from US chip-maker Nvidia.

In addition to Daimler, public transit agencies are also going to offer a driver-less bus in Dublin, so the competition is becoming tough for Daimler.

Also, many other transportation agencies are busy to find out further development of this latest automatic technology.

Automatic driver-less cars have been a source of admiration among the people because these cars omit the dependence of a driver. Especially those who are defected ones or have a phobia of being on the road are entirely comfortable with driver-less cars. Such individuals are expected to show a tremendous response to the new launch of the driver-less version of cars. A Benz with no need of a driver is undoubtedly signaling a new era of autonomy in the field of robotics and technology. Now, we have to wait till this technology is launched with full advantages and backups.

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