Fenton, MO/December 18, 2017 (MartinJetco) – Clean Air Filter:  When you think about the last time you changed your furnace filter, you probably have realized that you haven’t cleaned it ever. Many homeowners are not aware that their furnace requires a filter. It can be very challenging to keep a handle on all your appliances as a homeowner. Air filters play a major part in many systems including cars. The air filter helps to keep the furnace functioning at top performance.

Without clean air filters, the air that comes through your ductwork will be dirty. This can cause all sorts of health issues. When the air is dirty, you may experience eye irritation and even a flare-up of allergies. The cleanliness of your house may also play a factor. If the air is not being filtered, you may experience extra dirty air.

The air filter in your furnace helps the unit operate effectively and efficiently. It also protects important motor parts that can impact the function of the unit like particles. With an air filter, the unit will reduce build-ups that may clog the system. A clogged system will require unfortunate repairs. It could also require that you replace your furnace.

When your unit is running efficiently, you will see savings on your energy bill. Every model requires a different type of air filter. You can review your manufacturer’s manual to find which filter works for your unit. There are typically two types of filters, disposable and reusable. The disposable filter is great because you can toss it away and replace it as need. You can find these at any local hardware stores. A reusable filter you will have to remove and clean it. These are better for you furnace as they are more efficient at collecting the particles from the air.


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