Why is your AC unit not working up to the mark?

Why is your AC unit not working up to the mark?

Your AC unit needs critical attention and love like any other machine at your home. In the presence of your complete care and love, AC unit will not only soothe you with cool air, but it will take care of your health and moods too. But the homeowners generally commit a big mistake when they do not bother about the working and needs of their air conditioning unit. They do not notice the likely changes in their cooling machines on time and consequently suffer inconvenience along with a lot of headaches during the hot summer days. To avoid the worst situation in the middle of your busy and important day, listen to your AC unit’s unusual behavior.

Here are some of the glaring mistakes that you do unintentionally while using an air conditioning unit:

 Air conditioning the empty rooms

The most noticeable mistake is negligence in using AC unit. Turn off the AC units in the rooms which are not in use like guest rooms and storerooms. It is the fundamental reason for high energy use and problematic bills at the end of the month. This negligence brings enormous loss of energy along with other air conditioning issues. Keeping the AC vents and ducts all the time make them catch dust and microorganisms that effects the health adversely. Moreover, as the empty rooms go unattended most of the time, some unseen AC unit flaws may affect the whole environment of your home and can even create an emergency like sudden blackout due to the mixing of wires and dust in the supply.

 Not installing a programmable thermostat

The most prominent problem after installing an air conditioning unit at your home is the tremendous use of energy that increases the figures on your electricity bill. Using a programmable thermostat in this regard is quite advantageous. Since a programmable thermostat controls the temperature according to the need so it can cut the cost up to 50 percent. That’s why using a programmable thermostat is strongly recommended if you wish to keep the electricity bill in your budget.

Not having curtains or shades at your home

Curtains and shades are significant during summer for getting the maximum benefit out of your AC during summer. Even your AC may not work up to the mark if your room is not adequately screened from the harsh summer rays coming from the hot sun. Try to cover the windows and ventilators of the room so that your AC does not consume extra energy for its working.

Ignoring timely servicing

If not given a proper servicing your air conditioning unit can cause trouble for you. Schedule a monthly check-up for your AC unit even if it is working correctly. Call up a professional technician to check for any faults or flaws. Get the filters thoroughly cleaned to ensure clean atmosphere at your home.

Using old air filters again and again

Your AC air filters have a limited life after that they expire and cannot be used to filter the air properly. Air filters need to be replaced whenever they show permanent trouble in their filtration job. Only proper filters can provide you with desired results. So, keep a regular record of your air filters to change or clean them in time for the preservation of your hygiene in the air.

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