Fenton, MO/January 10, 2018 (MartinJetco) – Natural Gas / Oil Furnaces:  It is an essential part of our winters to have a furnace that is working efficiently. Many homeowners may not know that furnaces can operate on different types of fuels. The two options are natural gas and oil. Although both produce the heat that you need to keep your home warm, there are some differences between the two.

Natural Gas Furnace

  • Models range from 90-95 percent efficiency rating
  • Fuel cost will be cheaper since its natural gas supply
  • 50 percent of the US homes use natural gas

Oil Furnace

  • Models range in the 80-90 percent as far as efficiency rating
  • Fuel cost varies as the price of oil is affected by politics in the world

Other fuels

The two other fuels are electric and propane gas. There are currently innovations being created to support furnaces that take solar energy.

Natural fuel tends to be the least expensive type of fuel. There are more models on the market that support natural gas. You will save more energy and money when you have to run your furnace all winter long. If you want to switch out your furnaces, you will need to have a professional help you. You can shop for furnaces through a local manufacturer in your area. There are units that are energy efficient to help you save money. Depending on what area you live in, there may be other perks to upgrading your furnace. If your area tends to have harsh winters, you may find that a gas furnace works better for your home. If you are into solar powered technology, you may want to consider getting a solar furnace. These furnaces consist of large mirrors that reflect the energy from the sun. These may be a little more costly, but you will save money over time.


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