We do our very best to maintain your system and extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner. After a while, though, all systems will fail, even with the best service. Sometimes, it is impossible to know when a system is going to fail, and when that happens, you could be left in a very bad situation. Martin-Jetco has worked with Synchrony Financial to offer our customers a safe and convenient way to pay for an unexpected major repair, such as a new heating and air conditioning system, and still manage your budget.

Synchrony Bank provides you with a variety of promotional financing offers designed to fit specific financial needs.

Plan 600

9.99% APR

1.25% Payments

132 Months

Plan 604

7.99% APR

2.00% Payments

61 Months

Plan 602

5.99% APR

3.00% Payments

37 Months

Plan 605

No Monthly Interest

2.50% Payments

18 Months